The Vision


What if there was a unified platform that allowed companies and their supply chain services to COEXECUTE business process together with AI, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Analytics accelerating and improving thousands of workflows?

Imagine the insight, efficiency and velocity created as industrial ecosystems are operating together in harmony.

VISUR's Platform unites previously siloed people, processes, companies, data, and ML Algorithms in a Cloud Platform designed to span vertical industries.

We are Software as a Service company that is re-thinking and fundamentally altering the business processes of industrial enterprises. Today, the majority of large, asset-heavy companies are seeking greater execution efficiency across their departments and supply chain. Work gets secluded in many small and specific software packages and resulting critical data gets isolated. Higher costs, slower execution and vulnerability gaps are the outcomes of this “operations system” comprised of dozens to hundreds of industry specific software system where work occurs.

Imagine the future of the industrial enterprise empowered by Visur’s platform – a future where the work done in many of these old siloed applications is instead executed within Visur – where IoT has replaced data entry steps – where AI algorithms have replaced manual analysis – where analytics on all work done in the platform is available in Self-Service dashboards for everyone from employees to executives. Imagine a single cloud platform where much of the work within industrial enterprises and their supply chains is happening. This future is a massive step change for the industrial world. An execution platform of this nature does not currently exist, but the cost savings and operating efficiencies provided by this platform enables the disruption of entire industries.

The initial target market for Visur’s platform is the North American Energy Industry

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves; those that don’t, will fail.” – Roland Berger

“The industrial Internet is estimated to deliver a staggering $8.6 Trillion in productivity gains over the next decade; more than two times the future value of the consumer internet.”  The MomentFor Industry By Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist, GE

“Many businesses are riding this wave to create enormous value, while others have crashed and burned. But every business is undergoing major change, and five-year mortality rates for U.S. public companies are now running as high as 33%. Even for larger companies, with more than $600 million in sales, 20% will not survive the next five years.” 
World Econonmic Forum – Industry Agenda – Davos 2016 – Miki Tsusaka, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston Consulting Group